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2014 Latest EMC E20-016 Exam Dump Free Download!

An organization purchased a NAS storage infrastructure to service all its applications for three years. Various cost components for this deployment are as follows:
• Initial cost includes the purchase cost of $2,000 and an installation charge of $400.
• Organization needs to pay $200 per year for maintenance and $100 per year as license fees.
• From Year 2, the organization must pay $1,000 per year for OS upgrades.
At the end of the three years, the organization needs to pay a recycling fee of $50 to dispose of the NAS device that will no longer be needed. What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) each year to implement this technology infrastructure?

A.    $1,783
B.    $2,675
C.    $3,566
D.    $5,350

Answer: A

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