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Match the security components to the appropriate scenarios.
To answer, drag the appropriate component from the column on the left to its scenario on the right. Each component may be used once, more than once, or not at all.
NOTE: Each correct match is worth one point.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/database-engine/configure-windows/configure-a-windows-firewall-for-database-engine-access?view=sql-server-ver15 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-sql/database/authentication-aad-overview

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A solutions architect is designing a multi-Region disaster recovery solution for an application that will provide public API access.
The application will use Amazon EC2 instances with a userdata script to load application code and an Amazon RDS for MySQL database.
The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is 3 hours and the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 24 hours.
Which architecture would meet these requirements at the LOWEST cost?

A.    Use an Application Load Balancer for Region failover.
Deploy new EC2 instances with the userdata script.
Deploy separate RDS instances in each Region
B.    Use Amazon Route 53 for Region failover.
Deploy new EC2 instances with the userdata script.
Create a read replica of the RDS instance in a backup Region
C.    Use Amazon API Gateway for the public APIs and Region failover.
Deploy new EC2 instances with the userdata script.
Create a MySQL read replica of the RDS instance in a backup Region
D.    Use Amazon Route 53 for Region failover.
Deploy new EC2 instances with the userdata scnpt for APIs, and create a snapshot of the RDS instance daily for a backup.
Replicate the snapshot to a backup Region

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Case Study 1 – Contoso, Ltd
General Overview
Contoso, Ltd. is a national freight company in the United States. The company has 15,000 employees.
Physical Locations
Contoso has a main office in Houston and 10 branch offices that each contains 1,000 employees.
Existing Environment
Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server Environments
The network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com. The forest contains one root domain named contoso.com and 10 child domains. All domain controllers run Windows Server 2019.
The forest has Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) and Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) deployed.
You have a hybrid deployment of Exchange Server 2019 and Microsoft Office 365.
There are 2,000 user mailboxes in Exchange Online.
Each office contains two domain controllers and two Mailbox servers. the main office also contains an Edge transport server.
The organization contains 100 public folders. The folders contain 80 GB of content.
All email messages sent to contoso.com are delivered to Exchange Online. All messages sent to on-premises mailboxes are routed through the Edge Transport server.
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is enabled and configured for the Office 365 tenant.
Network Infrastructure
Each office connects directly to the Internet by using a local connection. The offices connect to each other by using a WAN link.
Planned Changes
Contoso plans to implement the following changes:
  For all new users in the on-premises organization, provide an email address that uses the value of the Last Name attribute and the first two letters of the First Name attribute as a prefix.
  Decommission the public folders and replace the folders with a Microsoft 265 solution that maintains web access to the content.
Technical Requirements
Contoso identifies the following technical requirements:
  All email messages sent from a SMTP domain named adatum.com must never be identified as spam.
  Any solution to replace the public folders must include the ability to collaborate with shared calendars.
Security Requirements
Contoso identifies the following security requirements:
  The principle of least privilege must be applied to all users and permissions.
  All email messages sent from an SMTP domain named com to contoso.com must be encrypted.
  All users must be protected from accessing unsecure websites when they click on URLs embedded in email messages.
  If a user attempts to send an email message to a distribution group that contains more than 15 members by using Outlook, the user must receive a warning before sending the message.
Problem statements
Recently, a user named HelpdeskUser1 erroneously created several mailboxes. Helpdesk1user1 is a member of the Recipient Management management role group.
Users who have a mailbox in office 365 report that it takes a long time for email messages containing attachments to be delivered.

You must prevent HelpDeskUser1 from repeating the same mistake.
You need to identify which management role provided HelpDeskUser1 with the necessary permissions to make the mistake identified in the problem statement.
Which two cmdlets should you run? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Get-RoleGroup
B.    Get-ManagementRoleEntry
C.    Get-RoleGroupMember
D.    Get-ManagementRoleAssignment
E.    Get-ManagementRole

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A security analyst is performing a BIA. The analyst notes that in a disaster, failover systems must be up and running within 30 minutes. The failover systems must use backup data that is no older than one hour. Which of the following should the analyst include in the business continuity plan?

A. A maximum MTTR of 30 minutes
B. A maximum MTBF of 30 minutes
C. A maximum RTO of 60 minutes
D. A maximum RPO of 60 minutes
E. An SLA guarantee of 60 minutes

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A user wants to see the workstations present on the LAN in a workgroup environment. Which of the following settings must be enabled to make this possible?

A. Turn off public folder sharing
B. Turn on network discovery
C. Use 128-bit encryption
D. Turn on file and folder sharing

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Which of the following will ultimately determine risk thresholds?

A. The absolute value of the consequence
B. The risk appetite of the key stakeholders
C. The practice standard for risk management
D. The project manager

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Which statement summarizes the role of the change control board?

A. The change control board is responsible for presenting the change for approval
B. The change control board will analyze the change impact in terms of cost and schedule
C. The change control board is responsible for managing the change management and configuration management systems
D. The change control board is responsible for reviewing and approving changes to the project

Answer: D

A contractor has provided hands-on training to a team member on new equipment that has been purchased as part of the project. The team member has acquired key insight and experience on the new equipment.
What is this an example of?

A. Explicit knowledge
B. Formal education
C. Tacit knowledge
D. Lessons learned

Answer: A

Which action should the project manager take after the team finishes executing the scope?

A. Verify the deliverables to ensure that they are correct and meet the customer’s satisfaction
B. Accept all the deliverables and deliver them to the customer for final acceptance
C. Conduct a joint session with the customer, change the deliverables, and then request approval
D. Check that all change requests were implemented and release deliverables to the customer

Answer: C

Which tools and techniques will a project manager use to develop a project charter?

A. Project manager experience, expert judgment, scope statement, and meetings
B. Lessons learned database, interpersonal and team skills, cost baseline, and meetings
C. Expert judgment, data gathering, scope statement, schedule baseline, and meetings
D. Expert judgment, data gathering, interpersonal and team skills, and meetings

Answer: C

The project manager needs to manage a critical issue immediately, and this requires action from the upper management of a specific stakeholder group. Which plan should the project manager consult?

A. Risk management plan
B. Communications management plan
C. Change management plan
D. Stakeholder engagement plan

Answer: B

Which statement describes the Monitor Communications process?

A. Evaluates the differences between the communications management plan and the reality of communications in a project
B. Ensures that the information needs of the project and the stakeholders are met
C. Ensures that project information is created, collected, and distributed in a timely and appropriate manner
D. Develops an appropriate and plan for communication of project activities

Answer: B

Which kind of communication should the project manager use when creating reports for government bodies?

A. Hierarchical
B. External
C. Formal
D. Official

Answer: B

How can a project manager maintain the engagement of stakeholders in a project with a high degree of change?

A. Monitor project stakeholder relationships using engaging strategies and plans
B. Send all project documents to stakeholders each time they are modified
C. Schedule monthly meetings with the stakeholders, including team members
D. Engage only with the project sponsors

Answer: A

The project manager implemented the stakeholder engagement plan and realized that some updates should be made. Which components of the project management plan should be modified?

A. Project charter and stakeholder engagement plan
B. Risk management plan and stakeholder engagement plan
C. Communications management plan and stakeholder engagement plan
D. Project charter and communications management plan

Answer: C

If a project manager effectively manages project knowledge, a key benefit is that:

A. all stakeholders have access to the same information
B. the project team is able to understand the project status
C. project stakeholders have a clear picture of the project
D. new knowledge is added to organizational process assets

Answer: C

Which project documents can determine the budget?

A. Procurement documents, contracts, requirements documentation, and basis of estimates
B. Basis of estimates, cost estimates, project schedule, and risk register
C. Business case, project charter, statement of work, and cost estimates
D. Scope baseline, resource management plan, activity list, and assumption log

Answer: B

Which conflict resolution technique is based on bringing some degree of satisfaction to all parties?

A. Smooth/Accommodate
B. Collaborate/Problem Solve
C. Compromise/Reconcile
D. Withdraw/Avoid

Answer: C

What are the four management processes included in the Project Cost Management (PCM) method?

A. Plan Cost Management, Estimate Costs, Determine Budget, Control Costs
B. Control Costs, Project Cost Management, Determine Budget, Estimate Costs
C. Estimate Activities, Control Costs, Project Cost Management, Determine Budget
D. Control Quality, Project Cost Management, Estimate Costs, Determine Budget

Answer: A

The activity of tailoring is necessary because:

A. The members of the project team need to select the appropriate order of every tool, technique, input, and output listed in the PMBOK Guide; this is required for all projects.
B. Each project is unique, and the members of the project team should select the appropriate tools, techniques, inputs, and outputs from the PMBOK Guide.
C. The members of the project team need to understand the PMBOK Guide processes, which are applied to all projects.
D. Each project is unique, and the project team must plan how to apply all the tools, techniques, inputs, and outputs in the PMBOK Guide.

Answer: B

Which are the competing constraints that a project manager should address when tailoring a project?

A. Cost, scope, schedule
B. Sponsorship, risk, quality
C. Schedule, sponsorship, scope
D. Resources, quality, communication

Answer: A

Given the following information:
Activity A takes one week.
Activity B takes three weeks.
Activity C takes two weeks.
Activity D takes five weeks.
Activity A starts at the same time as Activity B.
Activity C follows Activity B and Activity A.
Activity D follows Activity C.
How long will it take to complete the project?

A. 8 weeks
B. 9 weeks
C. 10 weeks
D. 11 weeks

Answer: C

The project team is using their current information, abilities, and experience to achieve project objectives; the team is also developing new experiences, and the project manager is ensuring that the team is documenting new learnings in order to contribute to organizational knowledge.
In which process is the project team and project manager involved?

A. Direct and manage project work
B. Manage project knowledge
C. Develop team
D. Manage team

Answer: C

Which of the following set of elements is part of an effective communications management plan?

A. Escalation processes, person responsible for communicating the information, glossary of common terminology, methods or technologies used to convey the information.
B. Phone book directory, stakeholder communication requirements, project charter, glossary of common terminology.
C. Organizational chart, escalation processes, person responsible for communicating the information, project management plan, glossary of common terminology.
D. Glossary of common terminology, constraints derived from specific legislation and regulation, person responsible for communicating information, project management plan, resource management plan.

Answer: A

Two members of the team are having a conflict. The project manager decides that, in this case, the best solution is to bring some degree of satisfaction to all parties in order to temporarily or partially resolve the problem.
Which technique should the project manager use?

A. Withdraw/Avoid
B. Smooth/Accommodate
C. Compromise/Reconcile
D. Collaborate/Problem Solve

Answer: C

Which is the order of steps in the Procurement Management process?

A. Identifying and planning procurement requirements, obtaining quotes or proposals, negotiating with vendors, contracting with selected vendors, and controlling procurements.
B. Identifying and planning procurement requirements, negotiating with vendors, contracting with selected vendors, obtaining quotes or proposals, and controlling procurements.
C. Controlling procurements, identifying and planning procurement requirements, obtaining quotes or proposals, negotiating with vendors, and contracting with selected vendors.
D. Obtaining quotes or proposals, identifying and planning procurement requirements, negotiating with vendors, contracting with selected vendors, and controlling procurements.

Answer: A

After defining activities in project schedule management, which processes should a project manager follow?

A. Sequence Activities and Estimate Activity Durations
B. Estimate Activity Durations and Control Schedule
C. Develop Schedule and Control Schedule
D. Review Activities and Develop Schedule

Answer: A

Which is an example of analogous estimating?

A. Estimates are created by individuals or groups with specialized knowledge
B. Estimates are created by using information about resources of previous similar projects
C. Estimates are created by analyzing data
D. Estimates are created at the task level and aggregated upwards

Answer: B

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