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You are creating a branching course and have added a Back button to all your slides. Which On Success Action should you define for this button?

A.    Go to the previous slide
B.    Jump to slide
C.    Go to the slide last visited
D.    Continue

Answer: C

You have added a video to your course and want to display it in the Table of Contents. What should you do?

A.    In the Import Video dialog, select Import As TOC Video.
B.    In the Video Management dialog, select Show Video On TOC.
C.    In the Skin Editor, under TOC, click Settings and click Add Video.
D.    In the Skin Editor, under TOC, select the slide and click Add Video.

Answer: B

Which two types of information does the Video Management dialog provide? (Choose two.)

A.    Slide and slide groups to which they belong
B.    Video transition
C.    Video transformation
D.    Add new video
E.    Video type

Answer: AE

You want to add a multi-slide video to your project. Which option should you select in the Video Import Options dialog?

A.    Match the slide’s duration with video duration.
B.    Retain current slide duration and delete the rest of the video.
C.    Retain current slide duration and add the video as object video.
D.    Retain current slide duration and distribute the video files over several slides.

Answer: D

You want to add a multi-slide video. What should you do?

A.    Click Insert > Video.
B.    Click Video > Insert Slide Video.
C.    Click Insert > Multi-slide Video.
D.    Click Video > Insert Multi-slide Video.

Answer: B

You have added an animation to a slide and you want to know the number of frames used for the animation. What is the most efficient way to look for this information?

A.    In the Properties Inspector, click the Animation Info button.
B.    Open the FLA file and look at the timeline for the information.
C.    In the Properties Inspector, look for the information in Timing accordion.
D.    In the Properties Inspector, look for the information in Transform accordion.

Answer: A

You have added an animation to your course and you realize that it is NOT the latest version of the animation. What should you do to change the animation?

A.    Click Update.
B.    Click Edit.
C.    Click Swap.
D.    Click Source.

Answer: C

What CANNOT be done with a text animation?

A.    Add Accessibility.
B.    Attach audio.
C.    Add a Transition effect.
D.    Add navigation.

Answer: D

What statement about a text animation is NOT true?

A.    Text animation can be added to a master slide.
B.    Shadows can be added to text animation.
C.    Text animation can be rotated.
D.    Text animation can contain variables.

Answer: D

What are three types of widgets in Captivate? (Choose three.)

A.    Static
B.    Dynamic
C.    Interactive
D.    Non-interactive
E.    Question
F.    Quiz

Answer: ACE

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