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You want to add a text entry box where a user can enter multiple lines of text. Which option should you select in the Properties Inspector?

A.    Retain Text
B.    Show Text Box Frame
C.    Show Scrollbar
D.    Validate User Input

Answer: C

Which statement about creating a click box is true?

A.    Captivate will play a click sound unless you disable it.
B.    You can assign a hint caption that the learner can see by pressing F1.
C.    You can define your cursor when the cursor is over the hit area.
D.    You can assign your own sound to play when the learner clicks on the hit area.

Answer: A

You want to publish your project so that the output is a Windows executable file. Which publish option should you use?

A.    Publish as FTP
B.    Publish as E-mail
C.    Publish as Flash
D.    Publish as Media

Answer: D

You are creating an eLearning course and want to make sure that in the published version the hand mouse cursor is displayed when the learner’s mouse pointer is over the button. What should you do?

A.    In the Preferences dialog, under Object Defaults, choose Button. Select Show Mouse Hand Cursor When Over Button and click OK.
B.    Click on the Button icon on the Object toolbar. Select the Options section of the Button dialog box, select Show Mouse Hand Cursor When Over Button and click OK.
C.    In the Properties panel for the Button, under Options, select Show Hand Cursor Over Hit Area.
D.    Select the button object on the slide, and open the Preferences dialog. In Properties group > Button, choose Show Mouse Hand Cursor When Over Button.

Answer: C

You have added a button and want the user to double-click it to proceed. What should you do?

A.    Duplicate the button and place it exactly on top of it.
B.    Write a conditional action.
C.    In the Properties Inspector, select the double-click option.
D.    Right-click the button and select double-click.

Answer: C

You have created a screen with three buttons that should take the learner to different sections of the course. What On Success Action should you define for these buttons on this screen?

A.    Go to the next slide
B.    Jump to slide
C.    Go to the slide last visited
D.    Continue

Answer: B

Which two actions can you define for a blank slide? (Choose two.)

A.    On Start
B.    On End
C.    On Enter
D.    On Exit
E.    On Stage

Answer: CD

How should you invoke the Advanced Interaction panel?

A.    Choose Modify > Advanced Interaction.
B.    Choose File > Advanced Interaction.
C.    Choose Project > Advanced Interaction.
D.    Choose Edit > Advanced Interaction.

Answer: C

You have added a lot of interactive objects in your course and want to edit and verify the actions associated with it. Which is the most efficient workflow to do this?

A.    Go to each slide and verify the actions associated with the objects in it.
B.    Invoke the Advanced Interaction dialog and verify the actions.
C.    Invoke the Advanced Actions dialog and verify the actions.
D.    Search for the interactive objects using Find and Replace.

Answer: B

You are creating a branching course. Which is the most efficient place to verify the links between the slides?

A.    Properties Inspector
B.    Branching panel
C.    Preferences dialog
D.    Project template

Answer: B

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