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You have created a project from a PowerPoint presentation. You want to add a few more slides from a different presentation to this project. What is the most effective way to do this?

A.    Create a new project with the second presentation and then copy slides from the second project and paste them in the first project.
B.    Click Insert > PowerPoint Slide and navigate to the second presentation and add the required slides.
C.    Click Insert > Additional PowerPoint Slides and navigate to the second presentation and add the required slides.
D.    Paste the required slides from the second presentation to the first presentation and then create a new project from it.

Answer: B

In your Captivate project, you add a slide from a PowerPoint presentation. Where will this slide be added to the project?

A.    Next to the previously selected slide.
B.    Before the previously selected slide.
C.    As the first slide in the project.
D.    As the last slide in the project.

Answer: A

Which statement about importing PowerPoint slides into Captivate is true?

A.    After importing a PowerPoint presentation, you can only make edits to your PowerPoint slides from within Captivate.
B.    If you selected Linked when importing PowerPoint slides, Captivate will alert you of changes made to the PowerPoint presentation in the Library panel.
C.    During the import process, PowerPoint animations are removed.
D.    During the import process, PowerPoint hyperlinks are NOT removed.

Answer: B

You are attempting to create text captions that have a consistent look and feel. Which feature should you use?

A.    Master Slides
B.    Object Styles
C.    Template
D.    CSS

Answer: B

You have defined an object style for your text caption. You copy some text from a Word file and paste it in the text caption. You notice that the font style has changed. You want to use the text defined in your object style. What should you do?

A.    Apply the object style again.
B.    Change the font properties in the Word file to match with your object style, and then paste the text in text caption.
C.    Click the Reset Style button.
D.    Click the Save Changes to Existing Style button.

Answer: C

You are inserting a Rollover Caption. Which type of Rollover Areas can you create?

A.    Rectangles and ovals
B.    Rectangles
C.    Rectangles, ovals and polygons
D.    You cannot create a Rollover Caption in Captivate

Answer: B

You have inserted a screenshot of an application’s dialog box onto a slide. The screenshot has four buttons. As the learner rolls over each button, you want a caption to describe what the button does. You want the screenshot to look exactly as it does in the native application, with no additional markings. What should you do?

A.    In the project Preferences, select Convert Tooltips to Rollover Captions.
B.    Change the Rollover Area properties by selecting Fill Outer Area.
C.    Change the Rollover Area properties to a Stroke width of 0 and an Alpha Fill of 0%.
D.    Change the Rollover Area properties by selecting Visible.

Answer: C

You have inserted a Rollover Slidelet. The Slidelet shows an image and text captions. When the learner’s mouse hovers over a Rollover Slidelet area you want the Slidelet to continue to be displayed even when the learner moves the mouse away from the Rollover Slidelet area. What should you do?

A.    Set the Slidelet to Show for Rest of Project.
B.    Set the Rollover Slidelet to Stick Slidelet.
C.    Set the Rollover Slidelet to Show for Rest of Project.
D.    Insert a click box within the Slidelet that is set to “pause until user clicks.”

Answer: B

What CANNOT be done with a zoom area?

A.    Attach audio.
B.    Include navigation.
C.    Include a transition effect.
D.    Fill the outer area.

Answer: B

You have added a text entry box in the course. You want the users to view their previously entered answer if they return to this slide. Which option should you select in the Properties Inspector?

A.    Show Text Box Frame
B.    Validate User Input
C.    Retain Text
D.    Display for Rest of the Project

Answer: C

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