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You modify the Classic workspace according to your project requirements. Later, you want to go back to the default Classic settings. What should you do?

A.    Choose Window > Workspace > Classic.
B.    Choose Window > Workspace > Reset Classic.
C.    Choose File > Workspace > Classic.
D.    Choose File > Workspace > Reset Classic.

Answer: B

You want to combine multiple projects and publish them using Aggregator. What should you do?

A.    Ensure that all project filenames have no spaces.
B.    Ensure that all of the modules have been published as SWF.
C.    Ensure that all of the modules have been published as EXE.
D.    Create a master slide with click boxes that link to each project.

Answer: B

Which is the extension of a project created using Aggregator?

A.    CPTA
B.    CPTX
C.    SWF
D.    AGGR

Answer: D

Which two slide placeholders can be added to project templates? (Choose two.)

A.    Recording Slide Placeholder
B.    Image Slide Placeholder
C.    Animation Slide Placeholder
D.    Question Slide Placeholder
E.    PowerPoint Slide Placeholder

Answer: AD

What is the difference between a project template and a master slide?

A.    Project templates can contain master slides; master slides cannot contain templates.
B.    Project templates cannot contain master slides; master slides can contain templates.
C.    Placeholders can be used in master slides but not in project templates.
D.    Placeholders cannot be used in project templates.

Answer: A

You have created a course using a project template that contains a caption placeholder for onscreen text. How will you add text to this placeholder?

A.    Choose Edit > Add Text to Placeholder.
B.    Right-click the placeholder and select Add Text to Placeholder.
C.    Double-click the placeholder.
D.    In the Properties Inspector, under General accordion, click Add Text to Placeholder.

Answer: C

Your company standards state that the corporate logo must be used in all the content you create. How should you implement this in your eLearning course?

A.    Add the logo to the Master slide.
B.    Paste the logo on all the slides.
C.    Paste the logo on the first slide and select the timing as rest of the slide.
D.    Make the logo as a background image for all the slides.

Answer: A

Which is the most efficient way to add watermark text to all slides in an image slideshow project?

A.    Add text on the first slide and select the timing as rest of the slide.
B.    Add text to the slide, right-click and choose Merge with the Background.
C.    Add text to all the slides and change the properties of the text using Object Styles.
D.    Add text to master slide, select all the slides and in the properties panel, select Master Slide Objects on Top.

Answer: D

Which statement about master slides is true?

A.    You can modify the timing information in the master slide timeline.
B.    You can insert background audio to the master slide.
C.    You can add a standard button to the master slide.
D.    You can add a rollover image to the master slide.

Answer: D

You want to display the slide title automatically for all the slides. What should you do?

A.    Add $$cpInfoSlideTitle$$ variable in the master slide and label all the slides.
B.    Insert $$cpInfoCurrentSlideLabel$$ variable in the master slide and label all the slides.
C.    Label all the slides.
D.    You cannot automatically add slide titles to your project.

Answer: B

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