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You have an RGB image open. In the layers panel, you have added a Curves adjustment layer above your image layer, but you would like to limit this adjustment to only the yellow tones of the image. What should you do?

A.    Adjust only the Blue curve in the Adjustment panel.
B.    Select the adjustment layer’s mask in the layer panel and use the Masks panel’s Color Range option to select only the yellow.
C.    Add a Selective adjustment layer, and link it to the Curves adjustment layer.
D.    Copy the yellow channel in the channels panel, and paste it into the Curves adjustment layer mask.
If you adjust only the blu curve you change everything except the yellow color

Answer: B

You are correcting color in a photograph of a person. You want to increase saturation in the clothing without oversaturating the model’s skin tone. What should you do?

A.    Add to Exposure adjustment layer, and adjust the Gamma Correction slider
B.    Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, select Colonic and adjust the Saturation slider
C.    Add a Vibrance adjustment layer, and adjust the Vibrance slider
D.    Add a Color Balance adjustment layer, select Preserve Luminosity, and adjust the color sliders

Answer: C

On the Mac OS, which should you choose to group all the workspace elements in a single, integrated window?

A.    View > Show > None
B.    Window > Application Frame
C.    Window > Workspace > Basic
D.    View > Screen Mode > Standard Screen Mode

Answer: B

You are copying artwork from Adobe Illustrator and pasting it into Photoshop. Which should you choose from the Paste options so that you create a layer that can be opened and edited in Illustrator?

A.    Smart Object
B.    Pixels
C.    Path
D.    Shape Layer

Answer: A

When you view a 32-bit HDR image, what is the function of the 32-Bit Preview slider at the bottom of the document window?

A.    It sets the white point of the image data in preparation for downsampling to a 16-bit or 8-bit image
B.    It sets the white point of the 32-bit image data as you make edits in 32-bit mode
C.    It lets you see different segments of the total dynamic range of the image, since a monitor can’t display the entire dynamic range at once
D.    It adjusts the highlight compression of a 32-bit image

Answer: C

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