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You have an image that is too dark. You duplicate the image layer. Which is the best layer
blending mode to apply to the duplicate layer to lighten the image overall?

A.    Screen
B.    Soft Light
C.    Dissolve
D.    Lighter Color

Answer: A

You opened a flattened image, duplicated the Background layer, and set the copy to the Multiply blending mode. Now the image is too dark. What should you do?

A.    Reduce layer opacity.
B.    Choose Edit > Fade.
C.    Choose Image > Adjustments > HDR Toning.
D.    Create an adjustment layer.

Answer: A

Which action best describes the process for creating a paragraph of text that can wrap to fit a defined rectangular area?

A.    Drag diagonally with the Type tool, then start typing.
B.    Double-click with the Type tool, then start typing.
C.    Select an area with the Rectangular Marquee tool, then click in it with the Type tool and start typing.
D.    Select an area with the Slice Tool, hold down Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) when you click with
the Type tool, then start typing.

Answer: A

You have a Photoshop document containing a type layer. You want to change the typeface of that text from Arial to Verdana. The Horizontal Type tool is the active tool, and the type layer is selected in the Layers panel. Which feature lets you do this?

A.    The Options bar (Window > Options).
B.    Window > Paragraph.
C.    The Layer Properties dialog box.
D.    Edit > Find and Replace Text.

Answer: A

Which statement about vector graphics is true?

A.    Vector graphics are resolution independent and can be printed at any size without loss of quality.
B.    Vector graphics contain fine detail and sharpness and are most commonly used for photo reproduction.
C.    Vector graphics are limited in the range of colors they can reproduce.
D.    Vector graphics can be used only with four-color printing processes.

Answer: A

You have a type layer in your Photoshop document. Which of these require rasterizing the layer?

A.    Apply Edit > Transform > Perspective
B.    Kern two letters closer together
C.    Use the Warp Text feature
D.    Add type along a Bezier path.

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button. Which tool should be selected in the Tools panel to see these features in the Options bar?


A.    Move tool
B.    Rectangular Marquee tool
C.    Path Selection tool
D.    Line Tool

Answer: D

Which statement is true about resizing a shape layer using the Edit > Free Transform Path command?

A.    The shape remains a vector so the quality cannot degrade.
B.    You must select the path with the Path Selection tool first.
C.    Holding the Ctrl (Windows) / Command (Mac OS) key while resizing will preserve the shape’s height/width ratio.
D.    You can hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and double-click to edit the shape in Illustrator.

Answer: A

You’ve drawn a path and would like to modify the position of individual points on the path. Which tool should you use to accomplish this?

A.    The Direct Selection tool
B.    The Path Selection tool
C.    The Add Anchor Point tool
D.    The Convert Point tool

Answer: A

You have drawn a path using the Pen tool. You want to save this path before creating a new path. What should you do?

A.    Nothing. It is automatically saved in the Paths Panel.
B.    Deselect the path.
C.    Double-click the work path name in the Paths Panel.
D.    Click the Create new path button at the bottom of the Paths Panel.

Answer: C

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