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Refer to the exhibit. You have configured enough SIP channels to carry the expected communications load, but users are reporting that sometimes they cannot call out and callers cannot get through.
Based on the information in the exhibit, what is causing the problem?

A.    The system is ignoring refresh messages.
B.    The caller ID is not passed by some carriers.
C.    The callers are being referred incorrectly.
D.    The timer should be set to 2 minutes.

Answer: B

A customer is reporting that since they last rebooted the IP Office, some of their users are not receiving calls as they did before.
Which two tools can you use to check who last made any changes to the system? (Choose two.)

A.    Web-Manager
B.    Monitor
C.    Manager
D.    System Status Application

Answer: CD
https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100175142 Page: 26

Which item lets you see the progress of a software upgrade on an expansion system?

A.    Web Manager Dashboard
B.    System Tab
C.    System Monitor Program
D.    IP Office Manager on the expansion system

Answer: A
https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100175282 Page: 105

A user at a remote IP Office site calls in to discuss a voicemail issue. You launch the Manager program to see your multi-site IP Office network, but only your local IP Office appears.
What is causing this problem?

A.    The Unit/Broadcast address is
B.    No SCN users are available.
C.    The remotes are doing a reboot.
D.    Your login is not correct.

Answer: B

A customer is experiencing clipping and drop-outs when using a deskphone at a remote site in a Small Community Network (SCN).
Which two methods can a technician use to help identify the source of the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Add an IP route.
B.    Compare calls to local and remote extensions.
C.    Change the Mode from A-law to u-Law.
D.    Watch Qos alarms in SSA.
E.    Change codecs in the IP Office.

Answer: BD

A customer is running an IP Office 500 V2, one-X Portal, Voicemail Pro, and CCR supporting 50 users, of which 10 are CCR agents. At present they are running on software version 8.0 and they want to upgrade to version 9.1.
What application changes will they have to make?

A.    Only CCR as it is not supported in 9.0 or higher.
B.    Only one-X Portal as it is supported in 9.0 or higher.
C.    All of them as 9.1 does not support any of the application.
D.    None, all applications can be upgraded to 9.0 or higher.

Answer: A


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