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What are two benefits that virtual machines provide over physical machines? (Choose two.)

A.    virtual machines are encapsulate ,imporving options for disaster recovery.
B.    virtual machies can access storage area network (san)
C.    virtual machies can be provisioned faster than physical machines.
D.    virtual machines can be isolated can be isolated from one another on the same network siwitch .

Answer: AC

The vRealize Suite provides high availability and business continuity disaster recovery for which of these three components? (Choose three)

A.    Routers
B.    Switches
C.    Clusters
D.    servers
E.    Applications

Answer: CDE

Which solution monitors an organizations infrastructure for efficiency and performance across both the virtual and physical infrastructure .

A.    V realize operations manager
B.    V realize automation
C.    Horizon (with view)
D.    V cloud director

Answer: B

In which two situations should data collection level 4 be used for performance monitoring within vcenter server ? (choose two ).

A.    For short term performance monitoring
B.    For long term performance monitoring
C.    when collecting all available metrics
D.    when collecting the least number of metrics

Answer: AC

What are two mam components of a vSphere virtual network? (Choose two.)

A.    Logical Router
B.    Distributed Virtual Switch
C.    Virtual Network Interface
D.    Distributed Firewall

Answer: BC

What defines virtualization?

A.    It is the process of scaling applications and licenses to support multiple hosts.
B.    It is the process of moving virtual machines from one place to another.
C.    It is the process of migrating physical components to virtual versions.
D.    It Is the process of creating virtual versions of physical components.

Answer: C

What is the unit of storage management when virtualizing storage using virtual volumes

A.    Raw device mapping
B.    Lun
C.    Vmfs datastore
D.    Virtual machine and its disk

Answer: D

Which vSphere feature allows network traffic management in virtualized data center?

A.    vMotion
B.    Link aggregation
C.    Network I/O Control
D.    Storage I/O Control

Answer: C

What is the option to increase CPU resources for a virtual machine (VM)?

A.    decreases the CPU Share value on the VM.
B.    Move the VM into a different folder
C.    vMotion the VM to an ESXi host with greater CPU capacity.
D.    Add a vCPU to the VM using hot add where supported

Answer: A

Which challenge can vsphere help resolve by using snapshots?

A.    Low utilization of drive c inside the virtual machine
B.    Incompatibility between mtu settings
C.    Disjointed dns namespace
D.    Faulty windows update crashing server

Answer: C

What are two ways vsphere cluster, enabled with high availability HA and distributed resource scheduler DRS , differs from traditional failover solution? (Choose two)

A.    After a vsphere HA cluster is set up, all virtual machines in the cluster get failover support without additional configuration.
B.    Vsphere HA requires special software and drivers to be installed within the application or virtual machine.
C.    If a host fails, vsphere DRS can migrate virtual machines to optimize for increased workloads.
D.    Vsphere HA only protects availability of virtual machines installed on a stand alone esxi host.

Answer: AC

Which three of these statements are true about vRealize Suite? (Choose three)

A.    provides availability for unplanned downtime for mission-critical application
B.    provides availability for planned live migration using long-distance vMotion
C.    provides a self-service provisioning portal to make infrastructure costs transparent to users before consumption
D.    Enables desktop virtualization using Workstation
E.    Enables administrator to migrate operating system

Answer: CDE

What does a virtual san do when virtual machines become noncompliant with storage policy?

A.    It takes corrective action to attempt to resolve the issue
B.    It deletes the virtual machine
C.    It create new policies
D.    It connects the virtual machine to the local storage

Answer: A

What are two examples of Information that would be displayed in the Recent Tasks pane of the vSphere Web Client? (Choose two.)

A.    current Fault tolerance Status of a virtual machine.
B.    memory utilization of an ESXi host
C.    power operations of virtual machines
D.    progress of a vMotion migration for a virtual machine

Answer: BD

What are two valid teaming and failover policies on a distributed port group ?

A.    Route based on the originating virtual port
B.    Route based on ether channel
C.    Route based on round robin
D.    Router based on ip hash

Answer: AD

Which two VMware vSphere components can be used to reduce downtime in the event of an ESXi host failure? (Choose two)

A.    High Availability
B.    vShield Endpoint
C.    vMotion
D.    Fault Tolerance

Answer: AC

When using a standard switch in the network how many network adapters can you connect to each port?

A.    One
B.    two
C.    three
D.    five

Answer: A

VMware vSphere 6.0 empowers users with which two capabilities? (Choose two.)

A.    It allows self service file recovery.
B.    It provides advanced availability protection.
C.    It virtualizes scale-up and scale-out applications.
D.    It provides a relational database for data analysis.

Answer: BC




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