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Given the CQ Dispatcher configuration in the /filter section:

/0001 { /glob “*” /type “deny” }
/0002 { /glob “* /content/geometrixx[./]*” /type “allow” } /0003 { /glob “* /content/geometrixx/company[./]*” /type “deny” } /0004 { /glob “*” /type “allow” }

Which rule will be applied to the request: /content/geometrixx/company/news.html?

A.    Request denied, because of rule 0001. The first rule that matches the request will be applied.
B.    Request served, because of rule 0002. The configuration can only be applied to the second level path.
C.    Request denied, because of rule 0003. The configuration with the closest match will be applied.
D.    Request accepted, because of rule 0004. The last configuration that matches the request will be applied.

Answer: D

Given the configuration in the Apache Web server httpd.conf:

<Directory / >
<IfModule disp_apache2.c>
SetHandler dispatcher-handler
Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None

What is the purpose of the SetHandler option?

A.    Enable the CQ Dispatcher only for requests to the / page.
B.    URL rewrite configuration directory for the CQ Dispatcher.
C.    Enable the CQ Dispatcher for all requests to the server.
D.    Define the name of the CQ Dispatcher configuration file.

Answer: C

You want to create a custom widget. In which type of folder should you create the custom widget?

A.    Create a folder within the component’s folder, then assign nodeType = nt:folder and name it “widgets”
B.    Create a folder of nodeType = nt:unstructured within your project folder and CQ will recognize it automatically
C.    Create a folder under your /etc/design, nodeType = nt:folder and name it “widgets”
D.    Create a folder under your project folder in /apps with the nodeType = cq:ClientLibraryFolder and set property sling:resourceType = widgets/clientlib

Answer: D

Which flag should you set when you configure the mod_rewrite rules of the Apache Web server when you are including the CQ Dispatcher module?

A.    ‘G’ flag to force the server to return a 410 Gone status with the response.
B.    `PT’ flag to send the original request through to processing pipeline for the Dispatcher to respond.
C.    ‘R’ flag to force all the requests to be redirected to the location specified in the rewrite rule.
D.    ‘T’ flag to set the MIME type for all the HTTP responses.

Answer: B

You want the process script to automatically advance the workflow to the next step after execution. Which dialog form field of a Process Step must be set to true?

A.    Process Arguments.
B.    Timeout Handler.
C.    Timeout.
D.    Handler Advance.

Answer: D

You want to debug a CQ HTML client library in the author instance. You want to avoid compressing the JavaScript file. What must you do?

A.    Add a property called debugClientLibs to the js.txt and set the value to true.
B.    Add a property called debug the client library root node and set the value to true.
C.    Add a query parameter to the URL called debugClientLibs with the value true.
D.    Specify an attribute called debug in the <cq:includeClientLib> tag and set the value to true.

Answer: C

You want to request a JSON representation of the content. What do you have to do with the request?

A.    Add the query parameter ?json=true.
B.    Change the extension to .json.
C.    Add a selector json.
D.    Write custom code.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of the Export Package Manifest header?

A.    Stores the defined packages in the CQ installation folder.
B.    Define packages that are copied into a .war file.
C.    Stores the defined packages as ZIP file for uploading to CRX.
D.    Define packages that can be imported by other bundles.

Answer: D

You are creating a component on the page /hotNews.html that needs to list all the titles of the news pages under /news. How does this component get the list of child pages?

A.    Use PageManager.getPage(“/content/news”) of the static PageManager class to instantiate a Page
object and then iterate through the child pages
B.    Use the QueryBuilder to look for all children of /news and then iterate through the result set
C.    Instantiate a Node object with session.getNode(/content/news) and then iterate through the child nodes
D.    Use Sling’s resourceResolver to adapt the request resource to a PageManager object, then use the getPage(/content/news) to instantiate a Page object and then iterate through the child pages

Answer: D

You want to create a new javax.jcr.Node nodeC as a copy of node

A.    nodeC should also be a child of nodeB. What should you do?
B.    Node nodeC = nodeB.copy(nodeA.getPath(), nodeA.getName());
C.    Node nodeC = nodeA.duplicate(nodeB.getPath());
D.    Node nodeC =, nodeB, nodeA.getName());
E.    Node nodeC = javax.jcr.session.copy(nodeA, nodeB, nodeA.getName());

Answer: C

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