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[2020-June-New]MB-500 VCE MB-500 104Q Braindump2go Download[25-36]

June/2020 New Braindump2go MB-500 PDF and MB-500 VCE Dums Free Updated Today! Following are some new MB-500 Exam Questions,

Question: 25
You are a Dynamics 365 Supply chain Management developer. Several users check out a custom form version control and modify the form. You need to find the user that has added a specific line of code to the form. What should you do?
A. In Solution Explorer, navigate to the object and right-click View History.
B. Using Visual Studio, navigate to the object. Add the object to a new solution, and then right-click View History.
C. Open the object in Object Designer, select the title of the object, and then right-click View History.
D. Using Visual Studio, navigate Application Explorer and right-click View History.

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