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Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the type of business case on the left to the business driver on the right.

Which two options are valid combinations of tactic and audience you can use to create your business outcome message? (Choose two.)

A.    Tactic: Use evidence; Audience type: Critical.
B.    Tactic: Use evidence; Audience type: Uninformed.
C.    Tactic: Build a bond; Audience type: Sympathetic.
D.    Tactic: Build a bond; Audience type: Hostile.
E.    Tactic: Acknowledge the view; Audience type: Critical.

Answer: AC

Which one of the following solutions enable business outcomes in the financial industry?

A.    Multilayer Switching
B.    Remote Expert
C.    Plant Floor Control Network
D.    Internet of Everything
E.    Medianet

Answer: B

In a cloud implementation scenario, what does the sales professional must take into consideration regarding the revenue of a business outcomes selling?

A.    Revenue from this model could increase in a 25%.
B.    Revenue from this model is immediate.
C.    Revenue from this model is realized over a longer period of time.
D.    Revenue from this model is three times bigger than in the traditional product selling.

Answer: C

Which two elements that are associated with customer interaction is the Seven Elements Framework used to plan? (Choose two.)

A.    general communications
B.    high-impact negotiations
C.    business concepts
D.    prior solutions considered
E.    seller’s authority for pricing

Answer: AB

What should sales professionals do to ensure that business outcomes support what the customer brings to the market?

A.    Make a list of the CSFs and KPIs of the organization.
B.    Interview the different stakeholders and confirm with them.
C.    Understand the customer’s services portfolio.
D.    Understand the customer’s value proposition.

Answer: D

Which option lists the top four technology trends that affect all enterprise business decisions?

A.    security, big data, mobile, Internet
B.    mobility, social, data, security
C.    social, mobility, analytics, cloud
D.    cloud, security, BYOD, big data

Answer: C

At what three major levels can Cisco and its partners provide outcomes? (Choose three.)

A.    strategic level
B.    operational level
C.    technology innovation level
D.    executive level
E.    business level

Answer: BCE

Which are four considerations to have in mind when communicating the business outcomes story? (Choose four.)

A.    Share your findings about stakeholder analysis with the audience.
B.    Structure the content to the audience ?one size does not fit all.
C.    Address key motivators, business drivers, and the value that business outcomes bring to the customer.
D.    Prioritize lines of business, strategic plan and operating issues.
E.    Create the presentation in terms that the audience understands.
F.    Use consistent formats and designs that the audience is familiar with.

Answer: BCEF

How does an open plan volume licensing model works?

A.    It does not specify individual users, so any user can access the service.
B.    It provides the organization with an agreed number of users.
C.    The costs are directly related to usage, not quantity of users.
D.    The enterprise pays as it acquires services.

Answer: D


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