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Which xAPI access mechanism requires separate connections for commands and notifications?

A. Serial
B. WebSocket

Answer: D
Explanation: 1

Which two capabilities are currently supported by the Webex Meetings XML API? (Choose two.)

A. Request a recording link for playback.
B. Send a text message to the meeting host.
C. Request permissions to schedule on someone else's behalf.
D. Schedule a new meeting.
E. Send a problem report.

Answer: CD
Explanation: 2

Which two statements about Webex Teams refresh tokens are true? (Choose two.)

A. The refresh token is useless without the client ID and client secret.
B. An attacker can use the refresh token to send messages on behalf of the user.
C. The refresh token is used to generate a new access token.
D. A new refresh token cannot be granted until the client ID is invalidated.
E. The refresh token does not expire.

Answer: BC
Explanation: 3

With CE 9.8 and above, which two statements are correct when an application is sending and receiving data over a connection established with an xAPI interface? (Choose two.)

A. All Serial, SSH, and WebSockets can be used to send and receive data.
B. HttpClient can be used to send requests but not receive responses.
C. HttpFeedback is the only option to receive data.
D. The HttpClient command can be used to send requests and read responses over HTTP.
E. WebSockets is the only option to send and receive data.

Answer: BD
Explanation: 5 4

Refer to the exhibit. With this in-room configuration, which command successfully sets the slider to 50?

A. xcommand UserInterface Extensions Widget SetSlider Value: 50
B. xcommand UserInterface Extensions Widget Slider: 50 Widget: "widget_1"
C. xconfiguration UserInterface Extensions widget_1 50
D. xcommand UserInterface Extensions Widget SetValue WidgetId: "widget_1" Value: 50

Answer: A
Explanation: 5 4

Which element is needed to build a Web application that authenticates Webex users and can post messages under the user's identity?

A. OAuth integration configured with the `messages_write' scope
B. bot access token
C. Guest Issuer application
D. self-signed certificate that is created from a public authority

Answer: A
Explanation: 6

Where does the WebEx node reside?

A. only in the DMZ
B. on the Enterprise Branch
C. anywhere on the network
D. near the Meeting Director

Answer: C

Which two filters are valid for limiting a webhook? (Choose two.)

A. roomId=<roomId>
B. personId!=<personId>
C. spaceId=<spaceId>
D. personId=<personId>$spaceId=<spaceId>
E. personId=<personId>$roomId=<roomId>

Answer: AB
Explanation: 7

Refer to the exhibit. A macro and a UI extension (also called In-Room Control) are being developed. What is the reason for the error displayed in the console?

A. Widgets of type "Slider" are not supported on the device.
B. The UI extension was not exported to the device.
C. The name of the widget in the macro and the UI extension must match.
D. Promises are not supported for this device.

Answer: B
Explanation: 8

Refer to the exhibit. Which Webex Teams REST API request has generated the response body in the exhibit?

A. GET/v1/rooms?sortBy=lastactivity
B. GET/v1/rooms?sortBy=created
C. GET/v1/rooms?max=1
D. GET/v1/spaces?orderBy=lastActivity

Answer: C
Explanation: 9

Refer to the exhibit. When using the Webex Browser SDK to create calls and share screens, which two statements are valid given a `webex' object such as displayed in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A. After a meeting is joined, it cannot be left programmatically until the host ends the meeting.
B. The webex meetings.register() function must be invoked before attempting to join any meeting.
C. The joinMeeting() function throws an error of type `media stopped' if a media stream is stopped.
D. Given a Webex meeting number the webex meetings join() function can be used to join the meeting.
E. The mediaSettings for a joined meeting accepts boolean attributes to send and receive audio, video, and screen share.

Answer: AB
Explanation: 10

Refer to the exhibit. A Webex Teams REST API response is shown with the HTTP Header missing. Which HTTP header expected in this response?

A. Push
B. Link
C. Patch
D. Put

Answer: B
Explanation: 11

A company wants to adopt Webex Teams as a messaging platform and use REST APIs to automate the creation of teams and rooms. Which sequence of REST API requests is needed to create and populate a new Webex team and create a populated Webex room for the team?

A. POST /teams, POST /memberships, POST /rooms
B. POST /teams, POST /people, POST /rooms
C. POST /teams, POST /team/memberships, POST /rooms
D. POST /teams, POST /team/memberships, POST /rooms, POST /memberships

Answer: B
Explanation: 12

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the components to create the authentication header used for the Webex Teams API. Not all options are used.


Explanation: 13

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the code onto the snippet to construct the JavaScript to create a new meeting with the Webex Meetings XML API. Options can be used more than once.


Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the code to complete the JavaScript snippet so that it:
- retrieves the details of an individual user
- checks what licenses they have already
- updates their account with a new license
Options can be used more than once.


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