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A server discovery policy is defined in Cisco UCS Manager. Which two actions are initiated by the policy when a new server starts?

A.    The qualification in the server discovery policy is executed against the server.
B.    The scrub policy is applied to the server, if configured.
C.    A service profile is created for the server with the identity burned into the server at time of manufacture.
D.    The inventory of the server is analyzed.
E.    The server is assigned to the selected organization, if configured.

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of FCoE topology is displayed?

A.    direct-attach
B.    remote-attach
C.    vPC
D.    FCoE with Cisco 2232 Fabric Extenders

Answer: A

Which two statements about the service profile configuration options in the Cisco UCS Manager GUI are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It can be generated automatically from the service profile template.
B.    It can be derived from the chassis discovery policy.
C.    It can be derived from the initial template or the updating template.
D.    it can be configured by cloning a virtual machine profile.
E.    It can be configured by using the chassis connectivity policy.

Answer: BE

Which consideration must be made while performing backup operations within the Cisco UCS Manager?

A.    Each backup destination can have multiple backup operations.
B.    Backups can be scheduled ahead of time.
C.    A user can perform incremental backups of a system configuration.
D.    Rerunning an existing backup operation overwrites the existing backup file.

Answer: D

You need to identify which DCB standard provides those functionalities negotiation capabilities for features, the distribution of parameters from one node to another, and logical link up and down signaling for both Ethernet and fibre Channel interfaces. Which DCB standard should you identity?

A.    ETS
B.    PFC
C.    DCBX
D.    QCN

Answer: B

Which two protocols does the Cisco Integrated Management Controller support for managing standalone Cisco UCS C-Series servers? (Choose two.)

B.    IPMIv2
C.    SoL
D.    SNMPv3
E.    Virtual KVM

Answer: BD

You are configuring service profiles for a Cisco UCS system. What are three types of logical resource pools? (Choose three.)

A.    UUID
B.    MAC
C.    VLAN
D.    WWN
F.    FC

Answer: ABD

In order to manually boot from the FlexFlash SD card, which boot option must be in the boot policy used in the service profile?

A.    FlexFlash state
B.    remote virtual drive
C.    remote boot
D.    SD card

Answer: A

Which two items represent the features of Call Home on the Cisco Unified Computing System? (Choose two.)

A.    syslog
B.    send fault details to Cisco TAC
C.    SNMP trap receiver
D.    send email alerts to administrators
E.    central repository of normalized fault data

Answer: BD

In an environment where multiple LDAP servers are used for user authentication, which Cisco UCS Manager feature must be configured?

A.    LDAP Locale
B.    Organization
C.    LDAP Provider Group
D.    Authentication Domain

Answer: C

You need to upgrade the firmware on 15 Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers. Ten of the servers are integrated in a Cisco UCS cluster, and the other five servers are used in standalone mode The Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server Software Bundle is available. Which set of statements about the upgrade process is true?

A.    You cannot upgrade the firmware on the servers in standalone mode. You must cluster the servers first over LAN or via cluster interfaces. After the firmware upgrade, you can revert the five servers to standalone mode.
B.    You cannot use the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server Software Bundle with Cisco UCS C-Series Servers in standalone mode. You must download and use the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Standalone Server Software package.
C.    First, you must integrate the standalone servers into the Cisco UCS system. Then, you can upgrade the firmware on all 15 servers from Cisco UCS Manager. Finally, you can revert the five servers to standalone mode.
D.    You can upgrade the firmware on all of the Cisco UCS-C Series Rack Servers by using the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Standalone Server Software. You can upgrade the 10 servers that are integrated in a Cisco UCS cluster in Cisco UCS Manager, and you can upgrade the five standalone servers one by one.

Answer: D

Which two features in Cisco UCS Manager are required to configure Uplink Ethernet ports? (Choose two.)

A.    vNIC templates
B.    LAN Pin Groups
C.    VLAN Groups
D.    adapter policies
E.    link profiles

Answer: BC


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