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Refer to the exhibit. Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator status has the user selected?

A.    Available
B.    Do Not Disturb
C.    Away
D.    In a Meeting
E.    Out of Office

Answer: B

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager presence with SIP, if the presence entity resides within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster, how does Cisco Unified Communications Manager respond to a SIP line-side presence request?

A.    by sending a SIP NOTIFY message to the presence watcher to indicate the current status of the presence entity
B.    by sending a SIP SUBSCRIBE message to the presence watcher to request the presence status of the indicated presence entity
C.    by sending SCCP messages to the presence watcher to indicate the current status of the presence entity
D.    by using the Cisco Unified Presence PUBLISH Trunk service parameter on Cisco Unified Communications Manager to associate the user with a line appearance

Answer: A

Which device needs to be configured to allow Cisco Unified Presence to receive phone availability updates from subscribed users?

A.    H.323 Trunk
B.    Presence Gateway
C.    MGCP Gateway
D.    SIP Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Gateway
E.    CTI Gateway

Answer: B

A user reports that when they are using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, their status does not change when they are on the phone. What is the typical cause of this issue?

A.    The username or password is invalid.
B.    The Cisco Unified Presence account is locked out.
C.    The user is not associated with the line.
D.    Cisco Unified Presence is not enabled for the user.
E.    Cisco Unified Presence is not enabled for the line.

Answer: C

When troubleshooting a single Cisco Unified Presence user complaint, which is the Cisco recommended tool to start the troubleshooting process?

A.    Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool
B.    Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter
C.    Cisco Unified Presence Monitoring Tool
D.    Cisco Unified Presence Viewer

Answer: D

While attempting to enable the SIP publish trunk in Cisco Unified Presence, it is observed that there is no trunk that is displayed in the drop-down list.
Which previous configuration step should be verified?

A.    Verify that the trunk has the correct IP address.
B.    Verify that the trunk has been enabled for SIP Notify.
C.    Verify that the Cisco Messaging Interface service has been started.
D.    Verify that the trunk was selected in the Cisco CallManager service parameters.
E.    Verify that the CUCM service was restarted after configuration.

Answer: D

Which two of the following statements are true about VPIM? (Choose two)

A.    VPIM is used to exchange email messages between different voice-mail systems.
B.    voice-mail systems that are using VPIM must have unique extensions.
C.    VPIM must use a location ID for each voice-mail system.
D.    VPIM must be used when internetworking Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express.
E.    VPIM users cannot be regular voice-mail users.
F.    VPIM message use a similar format to SIP SDP messages, as defined in RFC 3281.

Answer: CD

Which three functions are executed using the Cisco TMS? (Choose three.)

A.    endpoint system upgrades
B.    edit call control
C.    manage phone books
D.    provision Jabber Instant Messaging
E.    create voicemail account
F.    create new conference

Answer: ACF

Which Cisco TMS extension integrates Cisco TMS with IBM Lotus Domino Server 7.0.x, 8.0.x, 8.5.x?


Answer: B

In Cisco TMS, the conference control center shows event logs in instance basis. Which two prefixes does the event log use to identify changes to series of single instances? (Choose two.)

A.    Conference
B.    Instance
C.    Error
D.    Information
E.    Event

Answer: AB


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