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Scenario: Printing errors are generated randomly in a Citrix XenApp server farm. An investigation reveals that the Citrix Print Manager Service has been failing at random intervals. An administrator is asked to use the Health Monitoring and Recovery feature to check the service.What should the administrator do to monitor the service?

A.    Create a custom test
B.    Install the HMR Test Pack
C.    Add the CPSVCTEST.EXE test
D.    Add the SPOOLERTEST.EXE test

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator needs to ensure that users on Windows XP workstations launch published applications with 16-bit colors in a 1024X768 session window. Users in this environment are launching published applications in seamless mode. Which user experience setting should the administrator use in the ICAClient.ADM template?

A.    Audio
B.    Display
C.    Graphics
D.    Applications

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator has enabled Configuration Logging in a Citrix XenApp farm. Following a number of changes applied over the weekend, users have begun to complain about issues related to accessing farm resources.How can the administrator review the changes implemented in the farm?

A.    Use the Event Viewer on the data store server
B.    Use the Event Viewer on the Data Collector server
C.    Run the Configuration Logging report using SQL reporting services
D.    Run the Configuration Logging report using the Access Management Console

Answer: D

Which Citrix service directly depends on the IMA service?

A.    WMI
B.    Licensing
C.    XTE Server
D.    Print Manager

Answer: A

What is the impact on the user sessions connected over ICA if the IMA service on a Citrix XenApp server is restarted?

A.    The user sessions are forcibly disconnected
B.    The user sessions continue to work uninterrupted
C.    All sessions on the server are gracefully logged off
D.    Users receive an IMA error message but can continue working

Answer: B

What are two options that are available for the scheduling of the virtual memory management optimization process? (Choose two.)

A.    Daily
B.    Every two weeks
C.    Only at startup time
D.    Only at shutdown time

Answer: AC

Scenario: Currently, the Citrix XenApp server farm hosts several streamed applications. The administrator is given a new business intelligence application that leverages Microsoft Excel for data mining. This new business intelligence application needs to be streamed. Microsoft Excel is currently profiled and is a streamed application.What should the administrator do to enable Microsoft Excel as part of this business intelligence application profile using the least amount of storage space?

A.    Create a new profile based on Microsoft Excel Viewer and the business intelligence application
B.    Create a new profile and use the Inter-Isolation Communication option to combine both applications
C.    Create a pre-launch script that launches the profile of the new application and apply it to the existing Microsoft Excel profile
D.    Create a new profile and publish the streamed application using an alternate profile that points to the Microsoft Excel profile

Answer: B

A new resource-intensive application has been added to a farm that consists of single CPU servers, and users are now complaining about poor application performance. What should the administrator enable in order to address this issue?

A.    Fair sharing of CPU between sessions in the farm
B.    The CPU Utilization Management/CPU Rebalancer service
C.    A load evaluator that does NOT include CPU or memory utilization
D.    The removal of servers from the load balancing table within Health Monitoring and Recovery

Answer: A

In which situation should the “CPU Utilization Management/CPU Rebalancer” service be set to start automatically?

A.    Citrix XenApp runs on a single processor server
B.    The Resource Manager tool is used to monitor CPU sharing
C.    It is desirable to monitor CPU sharing using the Access Management Console
D.    Multiple instances of a single-threaded application are running on the same CPU

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator enables Special Folder Redirection in a Citrix XenApp farm. Windows Vista users are able to save files successfully to their local Documents’ folder. However, when a user tries to save a music file to the Music folder, the user was unable to see the file on the local client drive.What would prevent the user from seeing the saved music file on the local machine?

A.    The user saved the file as a .WAV instead of .MP3
B.    The Special Folder Redirection feature only works for the Documents and Desktop folders
C.    The “Provide special folder redirection to all users” option is de-selected in the XenApp Web site properties
D.    The “Provide special folder redirection to all users” option is de-selected in the XenApp Services site properties

Answer: B
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