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Which of the following items are valid placements for an MDM solution? (Select TWO).

A.    SaaS
B.    Cellular tower
C.    Access point
D.    On-premise
E.    Hotspots

Answer: AD

Which of the following sequences is the BEST way to implement a mobile device management solution?

A.    Setup server(s), configure, go-live, test, make necessary changes, and on-board devices
B.    Gather requirements, setup server(s), management sign-off, and go-live
C.    Create certificates, setup server(s), go-live, and on-board devices
D.    Pilot test group, receive feedback, make necessary changes, receive sign-off, and go-live

Answer: D

Which of the following tasks can assist to on-board mobile devices into a mobile device management solution? (Select TWO).

A.    Integrating with LDAP
B.    Compliance reporting
C.    Using self-service portal
D.    Activation of mobile devices
E.    Entering IMEI numbers

Answer: AC

Which of the following must be used to successfully deploy an in-house developed application?

A.    LDAP server
B.    Application certificate store
C.    Content management solution
D.    Enterprise application store

Answer: D

Which of the following provides information on potential security risks and threats impacting administration of mobile devices?

A.    Review security incidents within the given industry
B.    Document security incident response and escalate
C.    Recovery of lost mobile devices
D.    Verification of security certificates

Answer: A

A network administration team will not be able to support an MDM project within the requested timeline. Which of the following would be the BEST option for deploying the Mobile Device Management software?

A.    Software as a Service Solution
B.    Stand Alone Solution
C.    Private cloud hosted externally
D.    Multi-Instance on Premise Solution

Answer: A

Joe, a user, has noticed that his corporate-owned device has been stolen. Which of the following actions should Joe take FIRST?

A.    Report the incident
B.    Revoke the device certificate
C.    Monitor device activity
D.    Capture logs

Answer: A

While at a conference, Ann, a user, is attempting to sync data from her device back to the corporate server. Ann has a cellular signal, however the sync will not complete. Which of the
following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A.    Content filtering
B.    Network saturation
C.    Device provisioning
D.    Device storage

Answer: B

Which of the following capabilities would ensure that employees do not access an application after leaving a specified physical location?

A.    Wide area network
B.    Geo-fencing
C.    Captive portals
D.    Near field communication

Answer: B

An organization is going to deploy a BYOD model to allow users to provision their personally owned devices to receive email on their mobile devices. Which of the following should be completed before allowing users to self provision their devices? (Select TWO).

A.    Directory service setup
B.    Profile creation
C.    Mobile application distribution
D.    Administrative permissions
E.    Device activation

Answer: AB

Which of the following is a messaging protocol that protects the confidentiality of email content?

B.    POP3
C.    SFTP
D.    IMAP

Answer: A

Ann, a user, called to report an issue related to authenticating to her mobile device. After resolving the issue, which of the following is the FINAL task that should be completed by the mobility administrator according to troubleshooting best practices?

A.    Establish a theory of probable cause
B.    Verify full system functionality
C.    Document findings, actions, and outcomes
D.    Implement preventative measures

Answer: C

After installation of an MDM solution within an organization, the organization should ensure that all users of mobile devices agree to rules stated in which of the following documents?

A.    End-user licensing agreement
B.    Service level agreement
C.    Acceptable use policy
D.    Content filter policy

Answer: C

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has allowed employees to use their personal devices to access the enterprise guest wireless network. The organization has decided to deploy network configurations through a profile. Which of the following should be specified within the profile for the personal devices? (Select TWO).

A.    IPsec configuration
B.    Password expiration date
C.    Wireless SSID
D.    VPN configuration
E.    Authentication methods

Answer: CE

An organization is concerned with employees using cellular data in excess of the established usage thresholds. Which of the following would be BEST for the organization to implement?

A.    Application metering
B.    Data capture
C.    Telecom expense management
D.    Carrier billing

Answer: C

Which of the following layers of the OSI model deals with the use of MAC addresses?

A.    Application layer
B.    Transport layer
C.    Physical layer
D.    Datalink layer

Answer: D

Which of the following layers of the OSI model is responsible for routing protocols and IP addresses?

A.    Network layer
B.    Datalink layer
C.    Application layer
D.    Session layer

Answer: A
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