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You have a MovieClip named myMoveClip and have defined an array of filters called arrFilter. Which ActionScipt will apply this array of filters to myMovieClip?

A.    myMovieClip.filters.push(arrFilter);
B.    myMovieClip.filters.shift(arrFilter);
C.    myMovieClip.filters = [arrFilter];
D.    myMovieClip.filters = arrFilter;

Answer: D

Which two statements about the Text Layout Framework are true? (Choose two.)

A.    TLF text can have 3D Rotation applied directly to it.
B.    TLF text can flow across multiple text containers.
C.    TLF text is supported by All Flash Player versions after 5.0.
D.    TLF text is also referred to as Classic text.
E.    TLF text does not support multi-column layouts.

Answer: AB

Which statement about right-to-left text in the Flash Player is true?

A.    You must use TLF text.
B.    You must use Classic text.
C.    Flash does not support right-to-left text.
D.    You can publish to any version of Flash Player.

Answer: A

You want to use hardware acceleration during Flash’s full screen mode. What must you do before entering full screen mode?

A.    Set the stage’s fullScreenSourceRect property to a Rectangle defining the area to show as full screen
B.    Set the stage’s displayState property to StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE
C.    Set the stage’s quality property to StageQuality.BEST
D.    Set the Capabilities class’ hasScreenBroadcast property to true.

Answer: A

You want to draw a rectangle with rounded corners. What should you do?

A.    Selecting the Rectangle Primitive tool and, while dragging on the stage, press the down-arrow before releasing the mouse button.
B.    Clicking on the stage with the Deco tool and, while dragging on the stage, watch the corner radius change until you achieve the desired effect.
C.    Selecting the Rectangle tool, selecting Round from the Cap drop-down menu and then dragging on the stage.
D.    Selecting the PolyStar tool, dragging on the stage and changing the Star Point Size to zero.

Answer: A

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