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What benefit would importing or exporting an FXG file give you?

A.    The FXG format is not currently supported in Flash
B.    It allows the ability for a graphic to be used across different companies software tools
C.    The FXG format creates a non-editable file which can then be used in several Adobe tools
D.    The FXG format is designed to allow editing in the design tools of the CS5 suite and text editors

Answer: D

Which statement about the Text Layout Framework is true?

A.    Requires Flash Player 10 or higher and supports OpenType, True Type and PostScript fonts
B.    Requires Flash Player 9 or higher and Type 1 or Postscript Fonts
C.    You can now create ligature spacing with the Flash text tool
D.    You can create columns, span text, use ligatures

Answer: D

You want text to flow from one field into another field automatically. Which type of text field must be used?

A.    Classic Text
B.    TLF Text
C.    Outlines
D.    It is not possible to flow text between text fields.

Answer: B

You have a dynamic text field containing dynamic text on the stage. You have the text field rotated 30 degrees. When you test the SWF, the text in the text field disappears. What is causing the text to disappear?

A.    Dynamic text fields cannot be rotated.
B.    You must embed the font if you want to rotate a dynamic text field.
C.    Text fields cannot be rotated beyond 20 degrees
D.    The text field must be converted to a MovieClip before it can be rotated.

Answer: B

You have a Flash CS5 project requiring the use of your corporate font. How would you assure that you have access to your corporate fonts in dynamic text if you don’t know whether the new Text Layout Framework or Classic Text would be used?

A.    Fonts would have to be embedded in ActionScript
B.    Fonts would need to be embedded on a per instance basis
C.    Use the Font Embedding dialogue to add the font characters needed for the document
D.    You must embed all font characters if you need to work with both text types

Answer: C

What is a benefit of converting a bitmap to a movie clip instead of a graphic symbol?

A.    Symbol instances can be reused without increasing file sizes
B.    You can use display and filter options
C.    The original bitmap is no longer required
D.    Access to set Brightness, Tint and Alpha settings

Answer: D

Which statement about converting a shape to a symbol is true?

A.    The new symbol is automatically added to the Library.
B.    Only a single shape can be converted to a symbol at one time.
C.    The registration point of the new symbol is non-editable.
D.    The new symbol is added to the Stage by dragging it from the Library.

Answer: A

Which is a benefit of using a Button component over creating your own?

A.    Access to advanced AS3 capabilities
B.    9-Slice Scaling is available
C.    Button components are smaller in file size
D.    Allows differently skinned buttons in a single document

Answer: B

You have been experimenting with all the UI components in your current project to see what they would look like if used. What should be your first priority when moving forward with the components you have chosen to use?

A.    Delete any components not being used from the stage
B.    Delete all components not being used from the library
C.    Assign instance names to the components you will be using
D.    Delete unused instances from stage give instance names to used instances

Answer: B

You are editing a component skin. What can you do to assure the visual results are what you desire?

A.    Edit the skin and Preview at 100%
B.    Edit the skin at as high a resolution as possible
C.    Choose Edit>Maintain Fidelity
D.    Edit the skin at 100% and Preview at highest magnification

Answer: A

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