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You want to take advantage of hardware acceleration while using fullscreen mode for video. Which statement about hardware acceleration is true?

A.    Hardware acceleration works only on Windows 7 and Snow Leopard
B.    They must have a DirectX 7 compatible video card with 4MB or more of Ram
C.    The fullScreenTakeOver property must be set to false to allow it
D.    All machines can now take advantage of hardware acceleration

Answer: B

What is required to use TLF features for your document?

A.    You must use Type 1 or Postscript fonts
B.    Only Open Type and True Type Fonts are supported
C.    Flash 9.0.23 player or above is required
D.    TLF can only be used for web projects

Answer: B

Which scale mode will allow an SWF to scale without distorting the aspect ratio?

A.    Exact fit
B.    Show all
C.    No scale
D.    Maintain

Answer: B

Which statement about Motion Presets is true?

A.    They can only be used for x and y movement
B.    They are only supported in Flash Player 10
C.    They are not supported in Flash CS4
D.    They can be exported and shared between users

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.

What are two benefits based on the code sample shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A.    Provides for loosely coupled components
B.    The clone function allows you to use the constructor multiple times
C.    By extending the Events class, allows the addition of properties
D.    Simplifies the event to give more streamlined
E.    All code relied on is in this one class

Answer: AC

Which statement about an Interface is true?

A.    It is where the navigation is located on the stage.
B.    Lists methods and their implementation.
C.    Lists properties available across all classes in a project.
D.    Interfaces are implemented by classes to assure availability of methods

Answer: D

Which statement about an Interface is true?

A.    To use, you must create an interface for each class
B.    You can use inheritance to define interfaces
C.    Interfaces define methods, properties and their implementation
D.    You instantiate interfaces like you would any other class

Answer: B

You have a requirement for an AIR 2 project that will support accessibility. Which class is designed to address this need?

A.    MakeAccessible
B.    AccessibilityImplementation
C.    Address503C
D.    JAWS

Answer: B

Which Flash player version should be used to incorporate AIR, drop shadows, and accessibility features?

A.    Flash Player 10.
B.    Flash Player 9.
C.    Flash Player 8.
D.    Flash Player 7.

Answer: A

You want to create a desktop application that contains a local embedded SQL database. Which technology should you use?

A.    Flash Player 10 swf application
B.    Flash Player 10 projector application
C.    AIR 1.1 application
D.    Any version of the Flash Player will meet this requirement

Answer: C

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