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You have created an ActionScript 3 document class for a Flash movie that has symbols with instances names already laid out on the stage. What must you do in order to be able to declare those child symbols as properties inside the document class file?

A.    Unselect the Automatically Declare Stage Instances checkbox in the ActionScript settings dialog.
B.    In the Properties panel for each symbol on the stage, select the Export for ActionScript checkbox.
C.    In the Flash Publish Settings dialog, select the Permit Debugging checkbox.
D.    Do nothing. Simply declare each instance as a property in the document class.

Answer: A

You load the flowing XML with a URLLoader object named myLoader:
<product id=”001″ name=”Widget” price=”19.95″ />
What is the return type of the statement: myLoader.data.product

A.    null
B.    XML
C.    XMLList
D.    undefined

Answer: C

Which ActionScript 3.0 classes should you use to load and play an AAC/AAC+ audio file such as an .m4a file?

A.    NetStream
B.    Sound
C.    SoundChannel
D.    AdvancedSound

Answer: A

You want to use the Code Snippets panel to insert code that will be executed as soon as the playhead reaches a certain point in a movie. Which should you select in order to correctly apply the code?

A.    The frame in the timeline where you want the code to execute.
B.    The symbol on the stage you want the code to execute on.
C.    No selection is needed to execute the code snippet.
D.    The entire ActionScript code layer in the Timeline panel.

Answer: A

You are creating a custom code snippet in the Create New Code Snippet dialog that will be applied to instances of symbols. How do you create the snippet to dynamically include the symbol instance name?

A.    Use instance_name_here where the name of the instance should be inserted.
B.    Use the class path for the instance’s class where the name of the instance should be inserted.
C.    Select a symbol instance on the stage and click the Auto-fill button.
D.    Include a note in the Tooltip field telling users what to replace with the instance name.

Answer: A

You regularly use third-party code libraries. You have been manually typing your code which is complicated because of the large number of classes, methods and properties. What method is available to address this issue in Flash CS5.

A.    In the Actions Panel, Select Import third-Party Code
B.    Place code package in the root of the project. Datatype will auto-complete import statement
C.    Importing the entire class package will make code accessible
D.    FlashBuilder 4 can be used as the code editor and it will allow you to use third-Party Code.

Answer: B

You declare a variable myClip in your Actions panel:
var myClip:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
As you are working with myClip in your Actions panel, you are NOT receiving any code hinting for its properties or methods. What is one reason code hinting may NOT be working?

A.    The MovieClip class does not have any properties or methods
B.    You need to import flash.display.MovieClip
C.    Code hinting is not supported in the Actions panel.
D.    myClip is an invalid variable name.

Answer: B

You want to test your javascript communications through the ExternalInterface class while testing your files locally. Which steps must you take to do this?

A.    Set ExternalInterface.allowCommunication = true
B.    ExternalInterface must be tested from a server
C.    Set ExternalInterface.localTesting = true
D.    Set allowScriptAccess tag in javascript to “always”

Answer: D

Which method of the ExternalInterface class allows you to call a JavaScript function from ActionScript?

A.    send()
B.    addCallback()
C.    js()
D.    call()

Answer: D

Which technique would help optimize your Flash content and improve performance?

A.    Use of components
B.    Use of symbols
C.    Use of embedded fonts
D.    Use of external functions

Answer: B

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