This page was exported from Online Latest Braindump2go Microsoft Exam Dumps Free Share [ ] Export date:Thu Jun 4 11:55:50 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [New-300-470-Dumps]High Quality 300-470 Exam Questions and Answers 60Q&As Free Share[31-40] --------------------------------------------------- 2016/12 New Cisco 300-470: Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud Exam Questions Updated Today!Free Instant Download 300-470 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 60Q&As from Today! 100% Real Exam Questions! 100% Exam Pass Guaranteed! 1.|2016/12 New 300-470 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 60Q&As Download:|2016/12 New 300-470 Exam Questions & Answers:!AvI7wzKf6QBjgS1osl-eTBbDEW3p QUESTION 31You have been tasked with managing the lifecycles of VMs. Which three statements are true regarding VM lease times and end-user restrictions? (Choose three.) A.    After the lease time has expired, the VM owner will be notified by email about the impeding delete.B.    VMs can only be powered off or on by the administrator.C.    End users can take snapshots of their VMs.D.    After the lease time has expired, the administrator will be notified of the delete process.E.    Custom lease time policies in Cisco UCS Director will show up in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog GUI.F.    Provisioned VMs can be rolled back by end users. Answer: ACF QUESTION 32You have been tasked with managing lifecycles for Storage. Which three catalog offerings can be created for storage? (Choose three.) A.    Creating DatastoresB.    Creating TargetsC.    Creating InitiatorsD.    Creating LUNSE.    Creating ZonesF.    Creating Volumes Answer: ADF QUESTION 33A cloud administrator has been tasked with creating snapshots. Which two types of snapshots are available? (Choose two.) A.    vCenterB.    network policyC.    rollback policyD.    access roleE.    SAN storage Answer: AE QUESTION 34Which two statements are true regarding snapshot and snapshot limitations? (Choose two.) A.    Resource limitations should be set up in Cisco Prime Service Catalog by user groups to prevent datastore exhaustion.B.    Powering off a VM in a vCenter will make a snapshot go faster.C.    A VM in a VDC can be accessed by any user regardless of permissions.D.    Users can create, revert, and delete snapshots in accordance with the end-user self-service policy by VDC. Answer: BD QUESTION 35Cisco Intelligent Automation Cloud is a solution that enables organizations to automate delivery of physical and virtual servers through the use of a self-service portal. Which two key Cisco products are used for the automation framework of this solution? (Choose two.) A.    Cisco Process OrchestratorB.    Cisco Prime Service CatalogC.    Cisco Cloud OrchestratorD.    Cisco Server OrchestratorE.    Cisco Process Portal Answer: AB QUESTION 36Which three statements are true regarding Cisco VACS and its benefit for cloud deployment? (Choose three.) A.    Cisco VACS offers easy-to-use templates for rapid provisioning.B.    Cisco VACS lacks security although it offers intuitive user interface through Cisco UCS Director.C.    Cisco VACS is a robust container for three-tier or custom application deployment.D.    CSR benefits up to 10-G/ps throughput with the advent of Cisco VACS support.E.    CSR benefits up to 40-G/ps throughput with the advent of Cisco VACS support.F.    Cisco VACS offers acustom application deployment for the Cisco Prime Service Catalog. Answer: ACD QUESTION 37The Cisco UCS Director includes a set of wizards that guide through configuring features. Which three wizards are available in the Cisco UCS Director? (Choose three.) A.    FlexPod ConfigurationB.    VDC CreationC.    Catalog ConfigurationD.    Device DiscoveryE.    Zoning CreationF.    Storage Discovery Answer: ABD QUESTION 38A cost model in UCS Director is used to define the unit level costs of which two virtual resources? (Choose two.) A.    socketB.    CPUC.    RAMD.    NICE.    vNICF.    datastore size Answer: BC QUESTION 39Which two statements are true regarding role-based access control in Prime Service Catalog? (Choose two.) A.    IT admin usesthe Cisco Prime Service Catalog as the primary interface to manage tenant life cycle and services.B.    Tenant admin in the private cloud is associated with tenant billing and cost model.C.    Development of stack designer for application deployment is not within the framework of RBAC.D.    IT admin manages infrastructure in the cloud and uses the Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Horizon, and Openstack templates as the primary interface. Answer: AD QUESTION 40Which statement is true about computing policy in UCS Director? A.    Computing policies determine the computing resources used during provisioning that satisfy group or workload requirements.B.    Computing policy can be created by selecting from the menu, System > Devices > Policies > Compute.C.    Policy Name in computing policy is used during catalog definition.D.    The Cloud Name drop-down menu is not mandatory to complete computing policy.E.    Computing policy can be created by selecting from the menu, Compute > Devices > Policies > Compute Policy. 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