This page was exported from Online Latest Braindump2go Microsoft Exam Dumps Free Share [ ] Export date:Mon Dec 9 9:34:28 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [March-2019-New]300-101 Dumps PDF and VCE(Full Version)773Q Download in Braindump2go --------------------------------------------------- 2019/March Braindump2go 300-101 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 300-101 Real Exam Questions:1.|2019 Latest 300-101 Exam Dumps (VCE & PDF) Instant Download:|2019 Latest 300-101 Exam Questions & Answers Instant Download: New QuestionOn which two types of interface is Frame Relay switching supported? (Choose two.)A. serial interfacesB. Ethernet interfacesC. fiber interfacesD. ISDN interfacesE. auxiliary interfacesAnswer: ADNew QuestionIn IPv6, SLAAC provides the ability to address a host based on a network prefix that is advertised from a local network router. How is the prefix advertised?A. routing tableB. router advertisementsC. routing protocolD. routing typeAnswer: BNew QuestionRefer to the exhibit. Which option prevents routing updates from being sent to the access layer switches?A. DWS1(config-router)# passive-interface default DWS2(config-router)# passive-interface defaultB. ALS1(config-router)# passive-interface default ALS2(config-router)# passive-interface defaultC. DWS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/1 DWS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/2 DWS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/1 DWS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/2D. ALS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/1 ALS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/2 ALS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/1 ALS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/2Answer: CNew QuestionRefer to the exhibit. Which option prevents routing updates from being sent to the DHCP router, while still allowing routing update messages to flow to the Internet router and the distribution switches? A. DHCP(config-router)# passive-interface default DHCP(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi1/0 Internet(config-router)# passive-interface Gi0/1 Internet (config-router)# passive-interface Gi0/2B. Core(config-router)# passive-interface Gi0/0 Core(config-router)# passive-interface Gi3/1 Core(config-router)# passive-interface Gi3/2 DHCP(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi1/0C. Core(config-router)# passive-interface default Core(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi0/0 Core(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi3/1 Core(config-router)# no passive-interface Gi3/2D. Internet(config-router)# passive-interface default Core(config-router)# passive-interface default DSW1(config-router)# passive-interface default DSW2(config-router)# passive-interface defaultAnswer: CNew QuestionA network engineer is considering enabling load balancing with EIGRP. Which consideration should be analyzed?A. EIGRP allows a maximum of four paths across for load balancing traffic.B. By default, EIGRP uses a default variance of 2 for load balancing.C. EIGRP unequal path load balancing can result in routing loops.D. By default, EIGRP performs equal cost load balancing at least across four equal cost paths.Answer: DNew QuestionThe OSPF database of a router shows LSA types 1, 2, 3, and 7 only. Which type of area is this router connected to?A. stub areaB. totally stubby areaC. backbone areaD. not-so-stubby areaAnswer: DNew QuestionAn engineer is configuring a GRE tunnel interface in the default mode. The engineer has assigned an IPv4 address on the tunnel and sourced the tunnel from an Ethernet interface. Which option also is required on the tunnel interface before it is operational?A. tunnel destination addressB. keepalivesC. IPv6 addressD. tunnel protectionAnswer: ANew QuestionWhich protocol is used in a DMVPN network to map physical IP addresses to logical IP addresses?A. BGPB. LLDPC. EIGRPD. NHRPAnswer: DNew QuestionWhich two routing protocols are supported by Easy Virtual Network? (Choose two.)A. RIPv2B. OSPFv2C. BGPD. EIGRPE. IS-ISAnswer: BDNew QuestionWhich statement is true?A. RADIUS uses TCP, and TACACS+ uses UDP.B. RADIUS encrypts the entire body of the packet.C. TACACS+ encrypts only the password portion of a packet.D. TACACS+ separates authentication and authorization.Answer: DNew QuestionWhich two statements about AAA implementation in a Cisco router are true? (Choose two.)A. RADIUS is more flexible than TACACS+ in router management.B. RADIUS and TACACS+ allow accounting of commands.C. RADIUS and TACACS+ encrypt the entire body of the packet.D. RADIUS and TACACS+ are client/server AAA protocols.E. Neither RADIUS nor TACACS+ allow for accounting of commands.Answer: BD!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2019 Latest 300-101 Exam Dumps (VCE & PDF) Instant Download:|2019 Latest 300-101 Study Guide Video Instant Download: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-03-05 07:33:56 Post date GMT: 2019-03-05 07:33:56 Post modified date: 2019-03-05 07:33:56 Post modified date GMT: 2019-03-05 07:33:56 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from