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Try Braindump2go Latest Microsoft 70-346 Dumps Questions And 100% Pass Exam Microsoft 70-346 At The First Try(31-40)

Drag and Drop Question
You are the Office 365 administrator for your company.
You audit the Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management configuration for the company.
You need to view a log of the recent administrative commands performed against the Microsoft Rights Management Service.
Which three Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate cmdlets from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.

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Braindump2go Updates Microsoft 70-346 VCE Exam Simulator for Free Download(21-30)

A company deploys an Office 365 tenant.
You must provide an administrator with the ability to manage company information in Office 365. You need to assign permissions to the administrator by following the principle of least privilege.
Which role should you assign?

A.    Global administrator
B.    Service administrator
C.    Billing administrator
D.    User management administrator

Answer: B

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Free Latest Exam Aruba ACMA_6.1 Preparation Materials From Braindump2go(1-13)

The Guest Provisioning user account has the ability to do which of the following?

A.    Add a new employee to the internal database
B.    Change the “look” and “feel” of the guest provisioning page
C.    Change the available data fields on the guest provisioning page
D.    Add a guest user to the internal database
E.    Assign a Role to a guest account

Answer: D


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Free Braindump2go Aruba ACCP-v6.2 VCE Exam Simulator Download(1-11)

Which of the following methods can be used as collectors for device profiling? (Choose 2)

A.    OnGuard agent
B.    Active Directory Attributes
C.    ActiveSync Plugin
D.    Username and Password
E.    Client’s role on the controller

Answer: AC

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Braindump2go Cisco 650-968 Practice Tests Latest Questions Free Share(1-11)

When you upgrade the BIOS firmware, what additional components will also require an upgrade on a Cisco UCS C220 M3 Series rack server?

A.    The BIOS upgrade is independent and does not require any other upgrades.
B.    When you upgrade the BIOS firmware, you must also upgrade the CIMC firmware to the same version or the server will not boot.
C.    There is no action required.
D.    An NX-OS upgrade is also required at the same time.

Answer: B

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Braindump2go Helps Get Riverbed 599-01 Certification Easily By Latest 599-01 Exam Dumps(1-13)

What information is needed to configure a Granite Edge in the Granite Core?

A.    Granite Edge Identifier.
B.    IP address of the Granite Edge.
C.    Primary IP address of the Granite Edge.
D.    Granite Edge IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name).
E.    In-path IP address of Granite Edge.

Answer: A

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Braindump2go Brocade Exam 170-010 Updated For Free Download(1-13)

Which two show commands will confirm that a device is receiving OSPF external routes? (Choose two.)

A.    ip ospf database
B.    ip route
C.    ip ospf interface
D.    ip ospf neighbors

Answer: AB

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Download Free Braindump2go Brocade 150-420 Exam VCE File Guarantee 100% Pass Brocade 150-420(1-10)

Your developers have written a custom application that uses TCP over port 8080. The Brocade ADX is not passing the Health Checks to those real servers. The clients can reach the servers directly and the application is functional. What would you do to resolve this?

A.    You can only use well known ports on the VIP facing the clients.
B.    You need to configure no port 8080 translate on the real server.
C.    You need to specify alias ports under the virtual server.
D.    You need to specify TCP under the port profile.

Answer: D

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Pegasystems PEGACLSA_62V2 Past Important Questions with Answers and Explanation Shared By Braindump2go(1-15)

The power company EnergyCo uses a PRPC-based Incident Management application with a single work type defined in the framework (class: EnergyCo-FW-IncMgt-Work-Incident). EnergyCo has four divisions (DivA – DivD). DivD has a new requirement: Solar Panel related incidents are stored in a separate table from other incidents. There is no Solar Panel specific class. In order to meet this new requirement, is it necessary to add a Solar Panel class? (Choose One)

A.    No; it is possible to circumstance based on an IncidentType property
B.    No; a add a Solar Panel specific database table instance to the EnergyCo-DivD-IncMgt-Work- Incident class
C.    Yes; it should only be added to the implementation layer (e.g. “EnergyCo-DivD-IncMgt-Work- Incident-SolarPanel”)
D.    Yes; it should only be added to the framework layer for greater reusability (e.g. EnergyCo-FW- IncMgt-Work-Incident-SolarPanel)

Answer: C

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Latest Braindump2go Microsoft 70-346 Certification PDF With 100% Guarantee Pass(11-20)

Hotspot Question
An organization deploys an Office 365 tenant.
The Service health page displays the following information:
You need to report the status of service interruptions for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.
Use the drop-down menus to complete each statement based on the information presented in the screen shot. Each correct selection is worth one point.

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